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In 1963, Lui started in Italy to contend against Playboy Magazine

In 1963, Lui started in Italy to contend against Playboy Magazine, while Bob Guccione did the same in the United Kingdom in 1965 with Penthouse. Penthouse's design was different to other magazines; with females looking ultimately at the camera, as if they were going about their private idylls. This change of focus affected sexual depictions of ladies. Penthouse was also the first journal to write pictures that included crotch locks and complete front bare skin, both of which were considered beyond the range of the sexual and in the world of porn at the time. In 1965, Mayfair was released in the UK in competitors to Playboy journal and Penthouse. In Sept 1969 Penthouse was released in the U.S., bringing new competitors to Playboy journal. In order to maintain its business Playboy journal followed Penthouse in the display of crotch locks, jeopardizing obscenity charges, and releasing the Pubic Wars. As competitors between the two journals increased, their images became a lot more precise. In the delayed Sixties, some journals started to move into more precise shows often focusing on the butt as requirements of what could be lawfully portrayed and what visitors wanted to see.

By the Nineteen seventies journals containing pictures of the genital area became progressively common. John Raymond released in the UK Men Only in 1971, and then Club International in 1972. Playboy journal was the first to illustrate visible crotch locks in Jan 1971. The first complete front naked centerfold was Playboy's Miss Jan 1972. In 1974, Lewis Flynt first published Hustler in the US, which included more precise content. Some scientists have recognized progressively aggressive pictures on the internet like Playboy journal and Penthouse over the course of the nineteen seventies, with them then coming back to their more elegant design by the end of the several years. John Raymond Publications released Companion in 1980 in the UK, Razzle in 1983 and Men's World in 1988.


Sales of mature journals in the U.S. have dropped considerably since 1979, with a nearly 50% reduction in flow between 1980 and 1989. The fact that the U.S. occurrence of sexual assault has increased over the same period has cast doubt on any connection between journal revenue and sex criminal offenses. Studies from the mid 1980's to the early 90's nearly all verified that mature journals included a lesser amount of aggressive visuals than mature movies.


In the 90's, journals such as Hustler started to feature more serious content such as sexual transmission, lesbianism and homosexuality, group sex, self-pleasure, and fetishes. In the delayed 90's and 2000s the mature journals industry dropped, as they were pushed by new Lad mags such as FHM and Loaded, which presented softcore images. The accessibility of mature DVDs and above all internet porn also led to a loss of journal revenue. Many journals developed their own websites which also display mature movies. Despite falling revenue, the top-selling U.S. mature journals still maintain high circulations compared to most popular journals, and are amongst the top-selling journals of any type.


Paul Raymond Publications rules the British mature journal industry today, circulating eight of the ten best promoting mature journals in the UK. There were about 100 mature journal headings in the UK in 2001.



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