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A Sunday magazine is a publication placed into an End of the week paper.

A Sunday magazine is a publication placed into an End of the week paper. It also has been known as a Sunday complement, Sunday paper publication or Sunday publication area. Traditionally, the content in these journals cover a variety of subjects, and the content is not as current and timely as the rest of the paper.

United States

19th century

With the growth of rotogravure printing in the Nineteenth millennium, Sunday magazines offered better reproduction of pictures, and their varied contents could include content, serialized books, short stories, cases, toons, questions and assorted entertainment features.


Janice Hume, instructor in literature history at Kansas State University, noted, The beginning of Sunday magazines were latter 19th-century technology and really linked to the growth of the shopping area and wanting to get those ads to females readers.


In 1869, the San Francisco Explain released what is regarded as the first Sunday magazine, and the Chicago Inter Ocean added color to its complement. The New York are able to Times Magazine was released on Sept 6, 1896, and it contained the first pictures ever printed in that paper. During the 1890s, journals were placed into John Pulitzer's New You are able to World and Bill Randolph Hearst's New You are able to Journal. Hearst had the eight-page Females Home Journal and the 16-page End of the week America Magazine, which later became The America Every week. In Nov 1896, Morrill Goddard, editor of the New You are able to Journal from 1896 to 1937, released Hearst's End of the week publication, later commenting, "Nothing is so stale as yesterday's paper, but The America Every week may be around the house for days or even weeks and lose none of its interest.


Joseph P. Knapp released the Associated End of the week Magazine from 1903 to 1905. His Every 7 days, released between 1915 and 1918, reached a flow of more than 550,000. This was, however, not an End of the week magazine—because it appeared independently on newsstands on Monday days.


The National End of the week Magazine was released on a semimonthly basis as a result of part of the Last millennium by the Abbott & Briggs Company.


The New York are able to usher in Tribune End of the week Magazine started in 1927. This 7 days publication was released February 24, 1935. At its peak in 1963, this 7 days was distributed with 42 End of the week journals having a total flow of 14.6 thousand. Prior to 1942, it was similar to the End of the week Resolution Story Section, in that it taken 80% stories. This 7 days dropped serials in 1940, and in 1942, it moved the balance to 52% content and 48% stories. The publication was stopped in 1969.


Founded in 1941, Celebration became the most widely read publication in the U. S. Declares with a flow of 32.4 thousand and an audience of nearly 72 thousand.


Every week was distributed in smaller towns and cities beginning in 1953. It was later incorporated into USA in Sunday, which started in 1985. By the 90's, more than half of America journals taken USA End of the week or Celebration. USA in Sunday, which reported a 22 thousand flow in the 90's, could be placed into Friday, Saturday or End of the week journals, while Celebration restricted submission only to Sunday papers.



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