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Dr. Dobbs Publication is one of the earliest pc magazine still being released, and it was the first to focus on application, rather than hardware.


1980s pc journals manipulated their content towards the enthusiast end of the then-microcomputer industry, and used to contain type-in programs, but these have gone out of fashion. The first journal devoted to this class of computer systems was Creative Processing. Byte was an important technical journal that released until the 90's.


By late 1983 more than 200 pc journals existed. Their numbers and size grew rapidly with the marketplace they protected, and BYTE and 80 Small were among the three thickest journals of any kind per problem. Computers were the only industry with product-specific journals, like 80 Small, PC Magazine, and Macworld; their publishers promised to impartially cover their computer systems whether or not doing so harm their readers' and advertisers' industry, while claiming that their competitors pandered to promoters by only posting positive news. Many journals, however, did not endure the video gaming accident of 1983, which badly harm the home-computer industry. Dan Gutman, the founding father of Computer Activities, remembered later that "the computer games industry damaged and burned like a bad night of Flight Simulator—with my journal on the runway". Antic's advertising sales dropped by 50% in 90 days. Computer Gaming World mentioned in 1988 that it was the only one of the 18 color journals that protected computer games in 1983 to thrive the accident. Compute! Similarly mentioned that year that it was the only general-interest heir of about 150 consumer-computing journals released in 1983.


Some pc journals in the 1980's and 90's were issued only on hard drive (or cassette tape, or CD-ROM) with no printed out counterpart; such journals are jointly (though somewhat inaccurately) known as hard drive journals and are listed independently.




In some ways the prime of printed out pc journals was a period during the 90's, in which a large amount of pc manufacturers took out advertisements in pc journals, so they became quite thick and could afford to carry quite a variety of articles in each problem, (Computer Shopper (UK magazine) was a good example of this trend). Some printed out pc journals used to consist of weak disks, CD-ROMs, or other media as inserts; they typically contained application, routines, and electronic versions of the print problem.


However, with the use of the internet, many pc journals went bankrupt or changed to an online-only existence. Exclusions consist of wired journal, which is more of a technology journal than a pc journal.



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